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Conceptualiz Finishes App for Implants
After three years, Conceptualiz brought its vision to life: a mobile application for the iPad that can design orthopedic implants personalized to the patient. The current app is exclusively available for research and educational purposes.

Surgeon Seeks to Market 3D Printed Implants on Demand
Surgeons love it. They think it’s the next big thing. The best feedback we’ve had relates to simplicity of the user interface and how this is a completely revolutionary idea. To be specific, our main customer is not the surgeon; our main customer and value proposition is to the medical device industry. The surgeon is the end user, but the value proposition speaks to the medical device industry.​

Is the End Near for Traditional Orthopedic Implant Makers?http://orthostreams.com/2015/08/is-the-end-near-for-traditional-orthopedic-implant-makers/

Surgeon Seeks to Market 3D Printed Implants on Demand.

Is the End Near for Traditional Orthopedic Implant Makers?http://www.mddionline.com/node/12894

ENTREVESTOR: Helping MDs Conceptualiz Orthopedic Implants.

Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Mobile Strategy.
More physicians are leveraging mobile technology in their practices. Beyond the usual EHR tools, applications range from physician education, access to reference data, and surgical apps like Conceptualiz, a mobile 3D planning tool for orthopedic surgeons.

Conceptualiz Inc. awarded: 
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s “Productivity and Business Skills grant”. January 2015.

Conceptualiz Inc. awarded:
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s “Consulting Advisory Services grant”. December 2014.

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Study sheds light on how surgeons use mobile technology.
Over 95% of surgeons use a smartphone and more than half a tablet. 

Patient-specific instruments: industry’s innovation with a surgeon’s interest.
Patient-specific instruments are of great interest if they can prove to increase the surgical accuracy and would make the surgical process more efficient.

Preoperative Planning in Fracture Management.
Formal preoperative planning should be recognized as an essential prerequisite to fracture management because of the potential to improve surgical efficiency.

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